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  • Ryzen CPUs
  • NVMe Storage
  • Ddos protection
  • Remote backups
  • Great value

We'll give match any competitors price and give you 50% off your first month when switching your server over to us!

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High Performance, Low Price

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Why Choose Coalition Hosting?

We are run by gamers for gamers, and deliver consistently great results for all our customers. After something we don’t already offer, we’llĀ 

High Performance

Our servers run high performance hardware at varying levels of price. We build and host a majority of our servers ourselves, giving us the ability to pick hardware ideal for high performance gaming.

Low Prices

Due to our unique hosting configuration and use of our own hardware we are able to provide our servers at a lower cost. We are happy to match any price on a configuration we offer when switching your server over to us.

Custom Control Panel

Built on industry leading open source software, our highly customised panel provides and intuitive way to control your server. Easily add friends as users and give them specific permissions.

Quick Support

Our team provides quick responses to all issues raised by clients. Simply open a presales or support ticket via our Discord or the billing client area.

99% Server Uptime

Get the very best out of your dedicated server.We recognize that having the best hardware is only performance: optimising the server software tomatch application is also critical.

Easy Configuration

All servers can be upgraded and reconfigured without having to repurchase the server. Through our intuitive panel you can change key variables and configure your server without ever having to touch a file.

Game Server Features

Available Locations

Our selection of locations is always changing, if you’re located somewhere we don’t offer, open a ticket and we might be able to create a solution which would for you.

Ready to get started?

Check out our plans today or talk to us on our Discord.

Frequently Asked Question

If you have any other qustions please don’t hesitate to contact us via Discord or at

You sure can, we're always happy to expand our product range with new games or server configurations and can sort out custom solutions to fit any need. Please contact us on Discord or send us an email through

We have a fully ui based mod and plugin browser built into our panel making customising your Minecraft experience easy. You can change version, install modpacks and add plugins all without having to touch the files.

Yes we do!! Simply go the settings tab in the panel and get your SFTP details, your password will be the same as what you use to login.

Most servers will automatically update on restart, however some require more steps, if you are unsure please contact support on our Discord.

You can upgrade and downgrade your server automatically through our billing panel. If you need help or want a custom configuration please reach out to us via Discord or open a support ticket.

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